Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best Haiku Poems



an enclosed sea shell
underneath the deep blue sea
bears a precious pearl

-Brigole, 2-Borgia

Tears flooded
rivers and valleys
and after, a rainbow

-Castor, 2-Borgia

Moon’s brightness in the midnight
Sparkling on the ocean
Reflects its own light

-Ong, 2-Borgia

Withered leaves
Sense off aroma
To release relief

-Ong, 2-Borgia

The morning sunset
Behind are the black shadows
of a flying vulture

Lizardo, 2-Borgia

Carrying the day
behind my back
leaves a trail of leaves

Riego de Dios, 2-Borgia

A seed grew
A flower blooms
And wilts after a day.

Tech, 2-Borgia

On a calm sea
A whimsical dolphin plays around.

Ibanez, 2-Borgia

A firefly in a cave
Though alone,
Shines against the dark.

Pinili, 2-Borgia

rain or shine
there it stands still -
a rock

Naranjo, 2-Borgia


tiny butterfly
sitting on the cherry blossoms
taking a short rest

Han, 2-Canisius

canopy of trees
their old leaves

Han, 2-Canisius

the sun
eats the darkness
of my sorrow

Sanchez, 2-Canisius

A mountain blocking the sun
in the middle of light and darkness
a man stands

Sanchez, 2-Canisius

The warm wind
melts the coldness of my soul
the frozen happiness

Yamagata, 2-Canisius

A book buried in dust
Filled with time
Of a thousand lives

Angeles, 2-Canisius

A cute butterfly,
I gaze as it passes by,
Bidding its goodbye.

Baricuatro, 2-Canisius

A sharp dart thrown,
Missed the target.

Baricuatro, 2-Canisius

In a field full of roses,
lies a huge number of thorns,
twice as many as it.

Macavinta, 2-Canisius

Look up clouds in the sky
looks down a field of flowers
as they breathe ..

Shin, 2-Canisius

The flaming ball of fire
Sets the black sky
For another day

Lapid, 2-Canisius

A colorful streak
Appearing after the rain
Comes the promises

Lapid, 2-Canisius

The crashing of waves
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHED! Destroyed the sand castle at the shore

Gancio, 2-Canisius

A little frog
Jumping on the lily pod

Park, 2-Canisius

red orange green and blue
poof! fluttering wings above
as colors came to life

Evangelista, N., 2-Canisius

Four Fingers Painted
Green, Blue, Orange and Violet
Welcomes the Butterfly

Abueva, 2-Canisius

Shining Silver
Up in the dark blue sky
So hard to reach

Abueva, 2-Canisius

Sweetened aroma
Of candy-colored goodness
Treats for the sweet tooth

Yoshida, 2-Canisius

a jar full of water
being emptied
by a small hole

Baliwan, 2-Canisius

A clam down the sea
Unseen, ignored...
With its pearl

Castillo, A, 2-Canisius


A vast blue basin
That captures a moon inside
Casting a shadow.

Ilustrisimo, 2-Favre

The sun in the sky
Shining to allow
A shadow to appear.

Tabuga, 2-Favre

Flying butterfly
passing by, rests on
a leaf, still ignored.

Dela Cuesta, 2-Favre

Meadow reeds do bend
With the slightest stream of air
To and fro it goes

Binoya, 2-Favre

The crimson sky smeared
The greenery
Of its light

Binoya, 2-Favre

an old and big tree
standing straight, tall and sturdy
on ground ceaselessly

Dino, 2-Favre

a big brown eagle
flying against the hot sun
a big, black shadow

Dino, 2-Favre

Brown leaves falling
Gently landing on the ground
And being carried by the wind

Gaviola, 2-Favre

A tall tree stands alone
Beneath it
Small plants sprouting

Deduyo, 2-Favre

A big white dome
the mountain peak

Tapucar, 2-Favre

the glaring light strikes
against the dark colored sky
a twilight.

Ceniza, 2-Favre

waves approaching me
releasing a mighty crash
a broken seashell

Gomez, 2-Favre

The night
Follows my body
Is it the night or me?

Encabo, 2-Favre

Huge rock by the stream
Went with the flow of the current
A giant turtle!

Yu, 2-Favre

Am I just frightened
of the silence or
the dark clouds above?

Hodreal, 2-Favre

Deliveries of pollens
By bees and butterflies
Working day and night

Cascaño, 2-Favre

Eating the grass leaves
In the garden after weeks
A butterfly came

Cascaño, 2-Favre

A duck peacefully
Swimming along the river
With it's webby feet.

Vinson, 2-Favre


A small seed
Grows into a tree
And bears fruit.

Bonleon, 2-De Brito

High above the trees
An old eagle soars proudly
Soaring for a kill

Palgan, 2-De Brito

The pond is now still
Until a drop of water
Falls into its surface

Calledo, 2-De Brito

A tree
blocks my path
stops me from leaving

Gupeteo, 2-De Brito

Underneath the sea
Below the rising current
Colorful corals

Paña, 2-De Brito

Feel the soothing wind.
The flowers and leaves moving.
Together swaying.

Luga, 2-De Brito

Rainbow in the sky;
Comes after the rain is gone
Shiny beam of light!

Carrillo, 2-De Brito

Looking at the sky
Seeing thousands of stars,
The moon glows

Lutz, 2-De Brito

In a wide garden,
Abundant with sunflowers
A red rose stands out

Lutz, 2-De Brito

On an autumn season
Leaves falling to the ground
Tossed and turned by the win

Delos Santos, 2-De Brito

A wide pond
Lilies floating on it
Where frogs sit

Asano, 2-De Brito

Hiding under the blankets
Peeping through the darkess
The moon so lonely

Domingo, 2-De Brito

Seeing the moonlight
reflect on rippled water
a swan passing by

Domingo, 2-De Brito


A long winding river
journeys with a boat
seeking a shore to dwell

Reyes, 2-Regis

I see a bamboo
with the wind it bends slowly
outside my window

Guino-o, 2-Regis

In a garden
I see a beautiful tree
within the frame

Guino-o, 2-Regis

The whiteness of snow
Covered by
The blackness of night

Manulid, 2-Regis

A night Stalker
Follows quietly behind
I look, a Shadow.

Porticos, 2-Regis

Watching the sun set into the sky,
Turning away,
The wind led my way,

Icalina, 2-Regis

I am a flower
Waiting for the clouds,
To pour cold rain.

Obillos, 2-Regis

An eagle flies by,
Flees out of the thick trees,
and into the night

Gutierrez, 2-Regis

Waves crashing down on-
Young meek seaturtle
Helplessly struggling in the sea

Gutierrez, 2-Regis

A flower alone
in the rain without companion
waiting for the sun

Sifuentes, 2-Regis

Along with the Breeze
Dances with it.

Atienza, 2-Regis

Calm and peace abovev
But below the fishes swim
A deep forest spring

Yem, 2-Regis

A silent night
A heavy musky smell
The forest sleeps

Yem, 2-Regis

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