Saturday, January 22, 2011

Best Tanka Poems


behind the happy mask
are my tears, my lonliness
i wish i could remove it,
the mask and sadness inside
but i'm afraid to stop the show

Brigole, 2-Borgia

Raindrops accompanied me
As you walked away from me.
Just a few minutes
the dark alley was empty
just like the way you left me.

Castor, 2-Borgia

Sun shining brightly
As the leaves dance with the wind
I stand, smiling like a sunflower
Rain or shine, I remain joyful
At the beautiful green field

Mantilla, 2-Borgia

Addicted to her
I never thought I will be.
The weakness in your eyes
Those tears rundown my face
The moment you walked away

Ong, 2-Borgia

I wander in a crowded place
Searching for someone
Further I walk,
I have found my long lost friend...
There, standing at a mirror.

Dumlao, 2-Borgia

I heard the thunder
It frightened my soul within
Made me feel afraid
But the cold wind hugged me tight
And I felt it comforted me tonight

Carorocan, 2-Borgia

Sitting on a bench
feeling alone in this world
no friend to listen
Chirp! A bird sat on the porch
A new friend was there with me

Guadalupe, 2-Borgia

seeing you alone,
blankly staring up ahead.
not a single smile you've shown
and not a single word said,
just silence and nothing more.

Naranjo, 2-Borgia

Like a pendulum
I break free and swing away
It keeps coming back
Three autumns already passed
Back and forth, I'm still swinging

Baltazar, 2-Borgia

A small pretty bird
Afraid to fly by itself
For it's wings cannot
It can only wish for a flight
So high , so light without fright

Angeles, 2-Borgia

Like the sun rising
her smile is never fading
dusk starts to break in
now as she lay down to sleep
sorrow hugs her entire world



butterflies flutter
all day , up and down
resting on top of flowers
flapping its wings
bidding goodbye to the flower

Espiritu, 2-Canisius

As the candle light flickers
I was lost in delirium
As its fire gently dies down
I was consumed by despair
Trapped in my own senseless mind

Angeles, 2-Canisius

Falling peacefully
snow lie on the tree's shoulders
coldness of winter
leaves to prepare for a new
it will leave with spring wind

Shin, 2-Canisius

Moonlight meets the sea
And waves greet the peacefull shore
Lull the sands to sleep
I have yet to see such peace
Have you seen serenity?

Yoshida, 2-Canisius

Sadly I open
The door with hesitation
The hard cold wind as
I say my goodbye



A girl that's gleaming
in the mirror I see her
staring back at me
as I open my eyes wide
I see myself before me.

Tabuga, 2-Favre

Tick-Tock!! Oh Time!
I spend you like a Dime
You're a valuable that cannot be mine
Without you, my mind will blow away
But with you, I stay

Deduyo, 2-Favre

Sun shines so brightly
Rippled water silenced, still
warmth, serenity
Silence is here within me
But still, I feel emptiness.

Ceniza, 2-Favre

I saw shooting star
In the middle of the night
Wishing a good life
I was lonely with my shadow
Following me wherever I go

Ruiz, 2-Favre

I lay on the grass
staring at the stars shining
thinking to myself,
how small I am in this world
compared to the galaxy I see.



Walking slowly away
Loneliness is my company
Feels the emptiness
As coldness greets me back home
And the image of you gone.

Bonleon, 2-De Brito

a Sakura tree
In the middle of a pond
something took my eyes
I saw the sadness' diguise
of a trees's dead wilted leaf

Avillon, 2-De Brito

Walking by the sea
as the wind touches my skin
cool breeze passed by
the Sadness made me shiver
as the warmth of drops overflowed

Comia, 2-De Brito

A diamond dewdrop
Twinkles with morning sunlight
Then gently drips down
The rose's green stem
To care for thirsty roots

Carpio, 2-De Brito

Walking through the shoreline
Washed by the ripples
Of past failures as it flashes through
Memories of her run by
As birds soar up high

Llanes, 2-De Brito

There, a swaying tree
Where leaves fall from its branches
There I sit lonely
Waiting for someone to come
That will give me company

Pacheco, 2-De Brito

I feel the rhythm
of leaves flappin' each other
as the wind pass by
it disturbed the loneliness
awakening my pain

Holland, 2-De Brito

Walking by the street
I see a rock still and calm
How i wish i could be
To be as stiff and still as
The cold hard rock on the street

Yap, 2-De Brito

There I was Sitting
watching birds in the sky
waiting for darkness
to cover my loneliness
after I'll go home and cry

Delos Santos, 2-De Brito


The night grasps me,
By the sadness that I feel,
Faking smile,
I hid the feeling in me,
As tears appeared, it was freed.

Manabit, 2-Regis

The feeling creeping
Has always been there waiting
The cold setting in
Making it so much harder
To resist the lethargy

Manulid, 2-Regis

I saw a couple
looking and smiling at me
in the green meadows
but sadness came into mind
they were just in a portrait

Calugcug, 2-Regis

I sit here waiting,
Waiting for it to appear.
Locked in a dark room,
There is only one window,
Where I saw the sun Rising.

Porticos, 2-Regis

the pure red roses
in both our gardens
i praise mine
more than my neighbor's
though they look the same

Roque, 2-Regis

Sceams I hear from town,
In the darkness of the night,
Nightmares hover dreams,
Where fear and loneliness reign,
Children waking up from fear.

Icalina, 2-Regis

Silently I stand,
Trying hard to stop my tears,
Now i reminisce,
The bitter-sweet memories,
To strengthen my heart and soul.

Gutierrez, 2-Regis

Curling up so small
Blocking out the roaring sound
Eyes shut, hands on ears
Clamped up tightly like a shell
From the thunderstorm outside

Yem, 2-Regis

At that one moment
I saw a seed from the sky
Cradled in its shell
Fear had rendered me frozen
As a gray mushroom took lives

Paglas, 2-Regis

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Choose You

because I believe we would be stronger together than a part.

because I wanted more than what nature had in store for me.

because you bring happiness to the empty places in my heart.

when I realized the kind of love I was missing.

because I needed you to become whole.

to receive the love you have to give.

because I wanted to be the one to show a love without limits.

because you needed a strong heart to guide you.

because I wanted to be the one you'll remember when you look back on your life.

because I want to share my blessings.

to help me make the best person I could become.

because I want to be the one to kiss your pain away and make it all better.

because I want to be there when you experience life's challenges.

because you needed someone as I did.

because you touched my heart.

so that neither of us would be alone.

because I knew that without you in my life I would not be as happy as I am now.

because you fill my days with more meaningful purpose.

because you help me experience all that life has to offer.

because you teach me how to play again.

because I was lead to you.

because you were and always will be the choice of my heart.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Best Haiku Poems



an enclosed sea shell
underneath the deep blue sea
bears a precious pearl

-Brigole, 2-Borgia

Tears flooded
rivers and valleys
and after, a rainbow

-Castor, 2-Borgia

Moon’s brightness in the midnight
Sparkling on the ocean
Reflects its own light

-Ong, 2-Borgia

Withered leaves
Sense off aroma
To release relief

-Ong, 2-Borgia

The morning sunset
Behind are the black shadows
of a flying vulture

Lizardo, 2-Borgia

Carrying the day
behind my back
leaves a trail of leaves

Riego de Dios, 2-Borgia

A seed grew
A flower blooms
And wilts after a day.

Tech, 2-Borgia

On a calm sea
A whimsical dolphin plays around.

Ibanez, 2-Borgia

A firefly in a cave
Though alone,
Shines against the dark.

Pinili, 2-Borgia

rain or shine
there it stands still -
a rock

Naranjo, 2-Borgia


tiny butterfly
sitting on the cherry blossoms
taking a short rest

Han, 2-Canisius

canopy of trees
their old leaves

Han, 2-Canisius

the sun
eats the darkness
of my sorrow

Sanchez, 2-Canisius

A mountain blocking the sun
in the middle of light and darkness
a man stands

Sanchez, 2-Canisius

The warm wind
melts the coldness of my soul
the frozen happiness

Yamagata, 2-Canisius

A book buried in dust
Filled with time
Of a thousand lives

Angeles, 2-Canisius

A cute butterfly,
I gaze as it passes by,
Bidding its goodbye.

Baricuatro, 2-Canisius

A sharp dart thrown,
Missed the target.

Baricuatro, 2-Canisius

In a field full of roses,
lies a huge number of thorns,
twice as many as it.

Macavinta, 2-Canisius

Look up clouds in the sky
looks down a field of flowers
as they breathe ..

Shin, 2-Canisius

The flaming ball of fire
Sets the black sky
For another day

Lapid, 2-Canisius

A colorful streak
Appearing after the rain
Comes the promises

Lapid, 2-Canisius

The crashing of waves
WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSHED! Destroyed the sand castle at the shore

Gancio, 2-Canisius

A little frog
Jumping on the lily pod

Park, 2-Canisius

red orange green and blue
poof! fluttering wings above
as colors came to life

Evangelista, N., 2-Canisius

Four Fingers Painted
Green, Blue, Orange and Violet
Welcomes the Butterfly

Abueva, 2-Canisius

Shining Silver
Up in the dark blue sky
So hard to reach

Abueva, 2-Canisius

Sweetened aroma
Of candy-colored goodness
Treats for the sweet tooth

Yoshida, 2-Canisius

a jar full of water
being emptied
by a small hole

Baliwan, 2-Canisius

A clam down the sea
Unseen, ignored...
With its pearl

Castillo, A, 2-Canisius


A vast blue basin
That captures a moon inside
Casting a shadow.

Ilustrisimo, 2-Favre

The sun in the sky
Shining to allow
A shadow to appear.

Tabuga, 2-Favre

Flying butterfly
passing by, rests on
a leaf, still ignored.

Dela Cuesta, 2-Favre

Meadow reeds do bend
With the slightest stream of air
To and fro it goes

Binoya, 2-Favre

The crimson sky smeared
The greenery
Of its light

Binoya, 2-Favre

an old and big tree
standing straight, tall and sturdy
on ground ceaselessly

Dino, 2-Favre

a big brown eagle
flying against the hot sun
a big, black shadow

Dino, 2-Favre

Brown leaves falling
Gently landing on the ground
And being carried by the wind

Gaviola, 2-Favre

A tall tree stands alone
Beneath it
Small plants sprouting

Deduyo, 2-Favre

A big white dome
the mountain peak

Tapucar, 2-Favre

the glaring light strikes
against the dark colored sky
a twilight.

Ceniza, 2-Favre

waves approaching me
releasing a mighty crash
a broken seashell

Gomez, 2-Favre

The night
Follows my body
Is it the night or me?

Encabo, 2-Favre

Huge rock by the stream
Went with the flow of the current
A giant turtle!

Yu, 2-Favre

Am I just frightened
of the silence or
the dark clouds above?

Hodreal, 2-Favre

Deliveries of pollens
By bees and butterflies
Working day and night

Cascaño, 2-Favre

Eating the grass leaves
In the garden after weeks
A butterfly came

Cascaño, 2-Favre

A duck peacefully
Swimming along the river
With it's webby feet.

Vinson, 2-Favre


A small seed
Grows into a tree
And bears fruit.

Bonleon, 2-De Brito

High above the trees
An old eagle soars proudly
Soaring for a kill

Palgan, 2-De Brito

The pond is now still
Until a drop of water
Falls into its surface

Calledo, 2-De Brito

A tree
blocks my path
stops me from leaving

Gupeteo, 2-De Brito

Underneath the sea
Below the rising current
Colorful corals

Paña, 2-De Brito

Feel the soothing wind.
The flowers and leaves moving.
Together swaying.

Luga, 2-De Brito

Rainbow in the sky;
Comes after the rain is gone
Shiny beam of light!

Carrillo, 2-De Brito

Looking at the sky
Seeing thousands of stars,
The moon glows

Lutz, 2-De Brito

In a wide garden,
Abundant with sunflowers
A red rose stands out

Lutz, 2-De Brito

On an autumn season
Leaves falling to the ground
Tossed and turned by the win

Delos Santos, 2-De Brito

A wide pond
Lilies floating on it
Where frogs sit

Asano, 2-De Brito

Hiding under the blankets
Peeping through the darkess
The moon so lonely

Domingo, 2-De Brito

Seeing the moonlight
reflect on rippled water
a swan passing by

Domingo, 2-De Brito


A long winding river
journeys with a boat
seeking a shore to dwell

Reyes, 2-Regis

I see a bamboo
with the wind it bends slowly
outside my window

Guino-o, 2-Regis

In a garden
I see a beautiful tree
within the frame

Guino-o, 2-Regis

The whiteness of snow
Covered by
The blackness of night

Manulid, 2-Regis

A night Stalker
Follows quietly behind
I look, a Shadow.

Porticos, 2-Regis

Watching the sun set into the sky,
Turning away,
The wind led my way,

Icalina, 2-Regis

I am a flower
Waiting for the clouds,
To pour cold rain.

Obillos, 2-Regis

An eagle flies by,
Flees out of the thick trees,
and into the night

Gutierrez, 2-Regis

Waves crashing down on-
Young meek seaturtle
Helplessly struggling in the sea

Gutierrez, 2-Regis

A flower alone
in the rain without companion
waiting for the sun

Sifuentes, 2-Regis

Along with the Breeze
Dances with it.

Atienza, 2-Regis

Calm and peace abovev
But below the fishes swim
A deep forest spring

Yem, 2-Regis

A silent night
A heavy musky smell
The forest sleeps

Yem, 2-Regis