Monday, May 3, 2010

Fly on the Wall Vol 1-2

To pull ones punches is to do a disservice to oneself, as well as to ones opponent. It defies the value for excellence and the rule of fair play. To pull ones punch is to say that the other is unworthy of your best shot. It means you forfeit taking your best shot.

It has always fascinated me why others can't rein in their impulse to aggress against others for the most inane reasons--like, maybe they don't like your hair, the way you walk, or the fact that others like you. They don't realize that their feeling is their problem. Or if they do realize that, they don't want to be responsible for their problem, so they set out to make it yours.

Girls handicap themselves more often than boys. We are set early on the road of regulating the display of our ability and denying the best we can be in order to make relationships work.

She'll find that there will be roads that she will need to travel alone where others are ill-equipped to follow.

She is of generation that needed their parents in youth and graduated to adulthood compelled to need their children.

Regarding smoking--it takes courage to pick one's own poison rather than letting the world dis it out on you.

How could one person be more than another.

We are at our greatest human potential in childhood until the real world touches us.

So caught up we become in making the days speed past that sometimes we are jolted by the question of where the time has gone. And then we realize that we don't have the excuse of youth anymore to make crazy choices and take zany chances of life.

Until you allow time to touch you, you haven't lived.

But first, get to know the enemy. It might very well be yourself.

Morality plays that take center stage in our time are mostly about evil versus evil and that life, more often than not, is about learning to choose the lesser.

To blunt the blow when it comes

Life is a place we've never been.

The ignorant ones is not to be found only in the classrooms.

There's nothing like anonymity to bring out the wild side in many.

Sh*t happens.

Victory won through acts of aggression are empty.

That's what upstarts are for. They think they can achieve where others have failed.

One learns loud and clear that which he wants to hear but is likely to close those ears when the words run counter to his position.

We take offense when people say the truth because we'd rather take the lies.

They don't learn because they see learning as an external event that happens only on their seatmates' paper.

Logically, we could expect that given the amount of available knowledge out there and the relative ease with which the younger could access it, we should have in our midst a generation of walking encyclopedias.

Weapons were invented to compensate for male inarticulateness.

When did love mean having to be who we are not?

Only to discover that what we left behind is that which what we seek to find.

Fate of our own making is not a matter of opinion, argument or wishful thinking.

I was fascinated how a mind so sharp in most way could fail to grasp the obvious.

They took up the space in my heart that I didn't know could hold so much.

We are more likely to be abused by someone you know than by a stranger.

The abused becomes the abuser.

We remember very well the promise that was you.

What we love is what would most likely kill you.

People practicing the heresy called love.

Like knows like.

Within each of us resides a sort of alternate selves.

Actions speak and words just get in the way.

When something goes wrong with someone else, I really truly hope it isn't something that my silence on a previous occasion provided the precedence for someone else to get hurt in the same way and--God forbid--for the hurtful practice to be institutionalized where it would do no harm anymore.

To loosen its stranglehold / so much is possible

Kettle calling the pot dirty brown

People who react in anger generally react out of character.

Rape is not so much about the innocence of he accused until proven guilty, it is also about the integrity of the victim until proven a liar.

Have enough to make do when there'll be a need to.

The point of everyday is for us to prove ourselves worthy of breath.

Far be it for me

The measure of a people's character emerges when thing suddenly don't work as they should.

Never mind if the teacher disagreed with what grade my answer was good for.

We become what we do.

Intentions sometimes do not translate to action.

Never underestimate the power of the situation to affect behavior.

Who says we need bullets when looks could kill?

Overcome emotion with reason

You cannot make everything right to everyone.

We...must understand death. It often is ll that the world would let us have.

Justice is just a word that she has heard.

How much truth is sacrificed for convenience, pride and propaganda.

Apology will only be an issue with one of guilty conscience.

Same old, same old.

He who fights and runs away fights to run another day.

Better the devil that you don't know that the devil you do.

Time enough for things to get a little bit more complicated, as happens when one is just a text message away.

Those books look like they needs brains to work out.

Stop whining and kick ass.

Touch is a power thing.

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