Saturday, May 19, 2007


Before he was there,now, he is nowhere
I pretended, I never intended
To find the trust which ended as rust
I was his only that time can never beat it badly
But that was my thought, he surrendered as i fought
He struggled while I was boggled
By his enthusiasm which I doubted as sarcasm
For him all is true, my mind and heart construe
Just then time watered the fire, I was to play his lyre
As I strummed, i saw no ear and found my fear
All was gone when I decided to be his one
Now, am alone in a monotone
These I saw, and made up as a law
Time lessens intensity, those feelings of less density
Time can test, it chooses what's best
He was less I confirmed my guess
The rest attests, he loved lest

Monday, May 14, 2007


Ikay handog ni Bathala, Nilalathala
Ng kahapong mga gantimpala

Bigla, bigla; ngiti ay pinipiga
upang lumitaw ang saya at laya

Out By Lead

rriFrom a simple bloodstain to a massive bloodshed
From chatting butterflies to roaring eagles
From a sprouting bud to wildest of forests
From smokey outburts to a nebula blast
Within the hardworking organ
A shouting silence
Once whispered by madness
It started to burn the residue
Of unspoken libretto
It boiled the red fluid which ran through and tinted
the violet dead channels
as it embraces the slender grasping bones
cuddling the thin cylindrical wood
from the black tip of its opening apex...
Out it goes. Out!

Hunghong ug Mulo

Wa gayod maskin dukot,
maskin lawog
sa lubot sa hungot.
Nagkagod apan
wa maskin tansan.
Kay sa kalisod,
Ang kapid-ang tawo nagsaguyod
wa pa kapabulad
sa ilang mga mulo
ngadto sa dako-dako
nga gialirongan
og gipatalinghogan
sa mga manuplaay
nga nagdako
sa kahamugaway.
Sa may kinadak-ang pako,
sila nagapanghunghong,
sa gahom, namasak
sa ekonomiyang lusak.
Ug tungod sa ilang kabungol,
nangaslom na
ang hiyos
nga mga tungol.


gikan sa lubot
sa mayang nagpalami
sa bayabas nga hinog.
Itom, nagtikoskos
daw siling kuyos
apan sa sulod
may lisong
sa sidlak
sa adlaw.

Friday, May 11, 2007

In Amity

In love, people should be claustrophobic. Their feeling of collective attraction to be with and for others is basically lain on the ashes of those who long for and are in selfish commitments and shallow engangements. Struggle is to exclusively commit oneself as it refuses to detach from amity. Here lies growth. Somewhere else? qualms coat souls . Hhhmmmmm... and so, ending up as the individuals that they are, they wanted no more, no less. Although desolation visits their reveries, they remain tough against goodbyes.

The facticity that people do come and go is what everybody inherently walks through. Significant others their time and in their ways. Those left are hurt by ways they made up themselves and by which they are healed. People was never cheated. He cheats himself. Everytime individuals give themselves, they gain themselves twice. No loss, none at all. Generosity is a selfish act. :) uhhhh... paradox? oxymoron? or irony? -- a personification of virtue...:)