Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best of Metaphors


A mug is like a head with one ear. –Rohaina

A toenail is empty canvas - Jill

Soup is a sea of comfort. –Jill

Snowballs are falling cotton balls.—John Ray

A bomb is a round volcano.—Rianne

A pocket is a portable secret chamber—Bianca

Chick is a yellow puff ball.—Bianca

Scissors are alligators. –Manolo

Ricefield is a wide field of gold—Ralph

Fence are a line of soldiers ready to keep invaders out.—Bea

TV is a talking box with photos—Francis

Salt is a chalk dust—Akbar

A pillow is a waterless cloud.—Jomar

Pants are two legs without feet—Nigel

Ear is a recording device—Brian

Television is like a picture frame—Frency

The window with a curtain is like a square headed girl with bangs and pigtail—Frency

Coffee is a hot spring of mud—Angelica

Water is a transparent glass—Angelica

Mountain is a tower to the heavens—Emmylou

Stone is an evil’s heart—Hedrick

Pillow is a trapped cloud—Manuel

Teaspoon is a body with no arms and legs—Fuentes


A tree is a strong shield –May

Paper is an empty space—May

Tree is like a green cloud with a pole—Kenneth

Crayon is a rainbow in a box—Mayen

Keyboard is a tray of letters and numbers—Mayen

Chalk looks like a long white worm—Agnes

Teacher is a book with a heart—Agnes

Storm as the wrath of an enemy—Mark

Bird is a flying paper plane—Raiza

Computer is the high tech brain—Edwin

Rain looks like soft diamonds from the sky and sounds like falling coins—Joselle and Rafael

A seed is a small foot—Rogelio

Christmas lights are flickering fireflies—Eponine

Stars is a pack of shimmering glitters—Michelle

Dried leaf looks like a brown crumpled paper—JP

CD is a plastic donut—JP

Moon is a cheesy slice of a cheesy pizza—Joselle

Thunder sounds the playing of drums—John Paul

Table is like a roof with four poles—Ian

Blackboard is vandalized wall—Carlo

Chalk is a brittle cylinder—Ashrina

Letter is a sheet of communication—Shannon


Mouth looks like a clam with a red pearl.—Wilmer

Pillow is a shoulder to lean on—Bea

Wires are the nerves of information—Nika

Water is a mirror—Judy

Fences are stationary guards—Clydin

A moon is a floating white ball—Clydin

Pockets are banks for safekeeping—Carlo

Teaspoon is a shovel for energy—Carlo

Window is a picture frame—Diego

Mouth has a couple of noise (2 lips)—Joracs

Fish is a submarine—Carrie

Cheeks are bulky little pillows—Alyssa

Fingers are delicious pretzels—Lady

Rice field is a field of gold—Dayan

Fences are guards that are always in duty—Dayan

Hanky is a blanket of comfort—Stephanie

A fish is a dough with scales—Abby

Lips are red pillows—Abby

Teeth are cutting scissors—Ernest

Windows are the eyes of the building—Earvin


Skirt is like a walking lampshade—Angelica

Necklace is a chain of candies—Angelica

Saucer is a mini-UFO—Albert

A window is wall that has life—Vinz

Fish is a swimming health food—Madie

Hanky is a portable comforter—Paulo

Cheeks are kissable pillows—Jeremy

Dustpan is my grandfather’s vacuum cleaner—Andrei

Stone is a hard head—Leo

Scissors are twin headed destroyers—Leo

A tummy looks like a digesting balloon—Gabby

A chick is a noisy walking cotton ball—Gabby

Fork is the trident of Poseidon—Anthony

A saucer is a white pizza—Ayart

Coffee is a hot mud in a cup—Daphne

Bag is the home of things—Daphne

A bag is a small cabinet—Johanna

Water is a shimmering mirror—Johanna

Water is a wet glitter—Nites

A mountain is a dirty brown hat.—Mei

Mouth looks like a red leaf—Chareeze

A bed is a big marshmallow—Kathleen

Fishes are crayons under the water—Ricah

Bomb is a ball of danger—Ricah

A teaspoon is a little shovel—Tiffany

A finger is a poking device—Tiffany

Eyes are moving video cams—Kent

Mouth is a moving loudspeaker—Kent

Fences are birthday candles standing side by side—Mica

Mud is a spilled coffee—Mica

The door looks like a Black Hershey Chocolate bar—Jules

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love Without Love by Luis Llorens Torres

I love you, because in my thousand and one nights of dreams,
I never once dreamed of you.
I looked down paths that traveled from afar,
but it was never you I expected.
Suddenly I've felt you flying through my soul
in quick, lofty flight,
and how beautiful you seem way up there, far
from my always idiot heart!
Love me that way, flying over everything.
And, like the bird on its branch, land in my arms
only to rest,
then fly off again.
Be not like the romantic ones who,
in love, set me on fire,
When you climb up my mansion,
enter so lightly, that as you enter
the dog of my heart will not bark.

Translated by Julio Marzan