Friday, May 11, 2007

In Amity

In love, people should be claustrophobic. Their feeling of collective attraction to be with and for others is basically lain on the ashes of those who long for and are in selfish commitments and shallow engangements. Struggle is to exclusively commit oneself as it refuses to detach from amity. Here lies growth. Somewhere else? qualms coat souls . Hhhmmmmm... and so, ending up as the individuals that they are, they wanted no more, no less. Although desolation visits their reveries, they remain tough against goodbyes.

The facticity that people do come and go is what everybody inherently walks through. Significant others their time and in their ways. Those left are hurt by ways they made up themselves and by which they are healed. People was never cheated. He cheats himself. Everytime individuals give themselves, they gain themselves twice. No loss, none at all. Generosity is a selfish act. :) uhhhh... paradox? oxymoron? or irony? -- a personification of virtue...:)


Batang Yagit said...

new blog na naman?

Henelsie said...

inaayos ko pa... i want to separate my essays, poems, etc. from my everyday journal... under editing pa nga ang entry na to...:)