Monday, March 31, 2008

Meet the Misters!

Asking… asking… asking…

This is my way of facing Mr. Dilemma. He’s rough yah know! Like, he just gave me a hard tap at my back right now. Tellin me, he missed me a lot and he’s around. I never wish to be in touch with him but he never forgets to REMIND. Huhuhu… By the way, meet his friend, Mr. Confusion. Hahaha… They’re best budz I’d say. Well, well, well… I just happen to be in their company right now! They’re pretty much talkative and they don’t include me in their conversation sometimes. That sucks! As always, they speak to each other in a language we call, QUESTIONS. So bein in their company, I think I needed to use their language too so that I can better understand.

While talking to them, I ran out of energy. They chat a lot and they don’t choose places. Hmp! They infinitely bother asking myriads of questions. Duh?! That’s their language. Huhuhu… This time I felt they are bein assertive already. HEY! Stop! You’re hurtin me. And they slap me with “WE KNOW YOU KNOW!” *Sigh*

Hhhmmm… Could dots make them stop? Like they speak in QUESTIONS so if I threw them answers will it be enough? Replacing hook marks with dots seem to satisfy a bit. <- like that one. But if I ended there? Will you be satisfied? I believe questions serve the best answers sometimes. It satisfies horizons of possibilities as one resurrects answers to nag ones uncertainties. Well, I’ve got a lot of pending inquiries right now. Inquiries that might either provide me answers or more questions. Either of the two benefits anyway. OK! I guess I have to give them both a hand shake. And, continue

Asking… asking… asking…

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