Monday, April 12, 2010

Love in The Time of Cholera

Let time pass and we will see what it brings.

Life was imposed on her from outside.

She had the obsessions of a slave.

Students were no more than borrowed friends whose affection ended with each class.

The lost of virginity is a bloody sacrifice.

Life--It is not so much.

An ineluctable event that he was resolved to wait for without patience or violence.

Life obliges people over and over again to give birth to themselves.

I'm not rich but a poor man with money.

He escaped in the torments of memory which kept him in the state of grace.

...a knowledge of it superior to anyone's...

...that bore too close a resemblance of love.

Neither could have said if their mutual dependence was based on love or convenience, but they had never asked the question with their hands on their hearts because both had always preferred not to know the answer.

Wisdom comes to us when it can no longer do any good.

...her anger being found out in a mistake maddened her.

Resentments stirred up other resentments, reopened old scars turned them into fresh wounds and both were dismayed at the desolating proof...that they had done little more than nurture their rancor.

He had turned to the childhood his children had taken away from him.

The only worst thing than bad health is a bad name.

One could be happy not only without love, but despite it.

No one with more sense than a poet.

The only regret I would have in dying is if it is not for love.

Nobody teaches life anything.

It is possible to be a woman's friend and not go to bed with her.

Ethical management of forgetfulness

...that maybe the reason he does so many so that he will not have to think.

Love, if it existed, is something separate: another life.

One does not love one's children because they are ones children but because of the friendship formed while raising them.

The problem in married life is learning to overcome boredom.

Unfaithful but not disloyal

One can be in love with several people at the same time and feel the same sorrow with each and not betray any of them.

Feeling his presence where he no longer was.

The desire to forget is the strongest inducement for remembering.

The most important thing of a good marriage is not happiness but stability.

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