Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shanghai Baby

Future is a trap set right in the middle of your brain.

It's hard to deny life's little ironies.

You have no immunity against life.

Love was a miracle the flesh could not copy.

Being bored is when you haven't anything to do, so what would you be doing?

Intelligence is a gift and madness is an instinct.

A genius can get into a worse mess than an idiot.

The deeper the love, the sharper the flesh aches.

Romantic dreams leave no trace.

Erring in ones choice of boyfriend is a woman's great humiliation.

One draws near in order to separate in the end.

How blessed a woman like me should feel: young, good looking, smart and a professional.

Shadows float about recording thousands of shapes and hopeless situations.

When bad things happen to you, everything goes haywire.

You need not worry. When you wake up, tomorrow is the day after the one before.

He was the fire of my life and the impetus behind my work, he was inexpressible sweetness and pain perfectly beautiful rose resurrected by alchemy in a Persian garden.

When the film is over the film goers leave en masse.

Loving you and being faithful to you are two different things.

Fear of loneliness is what teaches us to love.

All men are strange as hell--Robin Morgan.

Girls who are street smart are put down and those who are gentler are treated like empty headed flower vessels.

Being a bit smart doesn't hurt.

A learned man should also understand romance.

Love enters by way of the ear and only then can reach the heart.

What will be, will be.

Real life is never the way we want it to be.

Everything originates in nothingness and nothingness accentuates everything.

My nerves taut as bowstring.

Love will tear us apart.--Ian Curtis

Heaven is no more than this: being at ease and completely free of worry.

There are no men to notice your hairstyle and clothes, no one to focus about whether you're full breasted or your own eyes are sufficiently elegant.

If there's a reason to live, loving you is it.

We'd lost the chance of a chance.

It's a way of giving yourself something to cling to a reason to be happy.

I am alive but dead too.

Freedom of choice is a freedom based on certain conditions.

A man with the eyes of a child, intelligent of a genius and the love of a lunatic...

I wanted to find someone to blame for everything so I'd have an object to hate and to rage against.

When your lover leaves, you can cry out all the tears in your body but he wont come back. He's gone forever, taking with him your broken memories, reduced to ashes and leaving behind a soul, alone.

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