Sunday, December 27, 2009

Love Does Not Know Secrets

Love knows no secrets,
when it is hidden it will be discovered
Love has no choice;
when it seizes a man,
he will confess everything,
everything that was not done.

Love has no pity,
even an old man may be put to shame,
love does not return
to a Thing it desires.
When it pursues,
he turns mad.

Love humbles a man
his body becomes emaciated;
when a friend of ours is humiliated
it is not fair to laugh at him.
A man does not have the stamina
to put love aside.

Love never agrees
to share (a man's attention) with anything;
If you irritate love,
you melt away at once.
Love is a disease,
a malignant incurable disease.

-Swahili Love Poetry
translated by Ali Ahmed Jahadhmy

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