Thursday, October 29, 2009

Insights from The Time Traveler's Wife

We are blessed that we only go through this life once. It's more painful if we have to go through it twice especially when time wouldn't offer us the ability to change anything. Familiarity breeds contempt.

The saddest part of our lives should just pass.

We are all time travelers that's why there's a point when we recognize instances which seem to be very familiar. It's just that God made us to forget for a very good reason.

First time might either be the worst or the best! Still, having that experience is incomparably the best.

It's different to encounter something for the first time and experience it the second time around. Personally, I prefer the FORMER. The first time is more concrete and real unlike the second one where you merely feel it's part of your past.

The painful part of waiting is the expectation.

No one is capable of expecting the unexpected coz the moment you do, you blew it off.

Who says traveling through time is impossible? We all CAN! Well, we do it forwards. Ask Claire, it's a lot better that way.

One thing I hate about being a time-traveler is the going back and moving forward along the time line. You miss being with your loved ones coz all the time you were with TIME which isn't a very good company.

Most people wants to travel time not because they want to really move along with it. It's because they want to STOP it--to stop on those times when they are extremely happy and on those times when they needed an explanation. Well I guess, it's a good thing we can't STOP it because we wouldn't also want to stop on those moments when it really hurts the most.

It is not always an advantage to know everything. In fact, the more you know the more you are responsible. The sad thing is you are made responsible yet you may not be capable to handle it.

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