Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best of Metaphors


A mug is like a head with one ear. –Rohaina

A toenail is empty canvas - Jill

Soup is a sea of comfort. –Jill

Snowballs are falling cotton balls.—John Ray

A bomb is a round volcano.—Rianne

A pocket is a portable secret chamber—Bianca

Chick is a yellow puff ball.—Bianca

Scissors are alligators. –Manolo

Ricefield is a wide field of gold—Ralph

Fence are a line of soldiers ready to keep invaders out.—Bea

TV is a talking box with photos—Francis

Salt is a chalk dust—Akbar

A pillow is a waterless cloud.—Jomar

Pants are two legs without feet—Nigel

Ear is a recording device—Brian

Television is like a picture frame—Frency

The window with a curtain is like a square headed girl with bangs and pigtail—Frency

Coffee is a hot spring of mud—Angelica

Water is a transparent glass—Angelica

Mountain is a tower to the heavens—Emmylou

Stone is an evil’s heart—Hedrick

Pillow is a trapped cloud—Manuel

Teaspoon is a body with no arms and legs—Fuentes


A tree is a strong shield –May

Paper is an empty space—May

Tree is like a green cloud with a pole—Kenneth

Crayon is a rainbow in a box—Mayen

Keyboard is a tray of letters and numbers—Mayen

Chalk looks like a long white worm—Agnes

Teacher is a book with a heart—Agnes

Storm as the wrath of an enemy—Mark

Bird is a flying paper plane—Raiza

Computer is the high tech brain—Edwin

Rain looks like soft diamonds from the sky and sounds like falling coins—Joselle and Rafael

A seed is a small foot—Rogelio

Christmas lights are flickering fireflies—Eponine

Stars is a pack of shimmering glitters—Michelle

Dried leaf looks like a brown crumpled paper—JP

CD is a plastic donut—JP

Moon is a cheesy slice of a cheesy pizza—Joselle

Thunder sounds the playing of drums—John Paul

Table is like a roof with four poles—Ian

Blackboard is vandalized wall—Carlo

Chalk is a brittle cylinder—Ashrina

Letter is a sheet of communication—Shannon


Mouth looks like a clam with a red pearl.—Wilmer

Pillow is a shoulder to lean on—Bea

Wires are the nerves of information—Nika

Water is a mirror—Judy

Fences are stationary guards—Clydin

A moon is a floating white ball—Clydin

Pockets are banks for safekeeping—Carlo

Teaspoon is a shovel for energy—Carlo

Window is a picture frame—Diego

Mouth has a couple of noise (2 lips)—Joracs

Fish is a submarine—Carrie

Cheeks are bulky little pillows—Alyssa

Fingers are delicious pretzels—Lady

Rice field is a field of gold—Dayan

Fences are guards that are always in duty—Dayan

Hanky is a blanket of comfort—Stephanie

A fish is a dough with scales—Abby

Lips are red pillows—Abby

Teeth are cutting scissors—Ernest

Windows are the eyes of the building—Earvin


Skirt is like a walking lampshade—Angelica

Necklace is a chain of candies—Angelica

Saucer is a mini-UFO—Albert

A window is wall that has life—Vinz

Fish is a swimming health food—Madie

Hanky is a portable comforter—Paulo

Cheeks are kissable pillows—Jeremy

Dustpan is my grandfather’s vacuum cleaner—Andrei

Stone is a hard head—Leo

Scissors are twin headed destroyers—Leo

A tummy looks like a digesting balloon—Gabby

A chick is a noisy walking cotton ball—Gabby

Fork is the trident of Poseidon—Anthony

A saucer is a white pizza—Ayart

Coffee is a hot mud in a cup—Daphne

Bag is the home of things—Daphne

A bag is a small cabinet—Johanna

Water is a shimmering mirror—Johanna

Water is a wet glitter—Nites

A mountain is a dirty brown hat.—Mei

Mouth looks like a red leaf—Chareeze

A bed is a big marshmallow—Kathleen

Fishes are crayons under the water—Ricah

Bomb is a ball of danger—Ricah

A teaspoon is a little shovel—Tiffany

A finger is a poking device—Tiffany

Eyes are moving video cams—Kent

Mouth is a moving loudspeaker—Kent

Fences are birthday candles standing side by side—Mica

Mud is a spilled coffee—Mica

The door looks like a Black Hershey Chocolate bar—Jules

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