Monday, October 29, 2007

My Students' Insights

After my discussion of the poem entitled, "The Old Man, His Son and Their Bike" they've come up with these insights:
  • Do not make accusations without knowing the real situation. --AC, Tasha
  • Be confident in your decision, for being influenced leads to your own destruction.--Alex, Firmo
  • Satisfying others to satisfy yourself won't be very satisfactory. --Joanna, Jasmine
  • Before you satisfy other's thirst, satisfy yourself first.--Jhanine, Faye
  • Don't believe in what other's say but believe in your initiative.--Marlon
  • Don't let others pull your strings like a puppet.--Jimmy, Martie
  • If you pretend to be someone else sooner or later that's who you become.--Kym

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