Friday, July 27, 2007

My Haikus

a meek fur in cave
its echoes, catching z's all around,
then, a petal moves

orange leaves
fell from a tree
caressing my palms...

a fiery ball
between two bulky hills
targets paleness of cheeks

a color holding on to a petal
the invisible strands blew hard

green spines
from still dense branches
housing fur inside

small bean
thrown on soil--
a tree...

raise, O, broken saucer
strands of wind slap your rays
all are hiding

heart shaped frames
on trees they hover
humming silence

brown hands
humming along by its body curves--
it sang

sword thrust green frames,
worms bodies are nourished
in dark, back to stillness

white snow sheet
covers the compact soil
deep down, shaking bodies

shivering bones
alone under resting twigs
shadows from heavenly craters

eyelashes worshipped the glare
reflected the color of the leaves
as droplets of ice fall

with the strands of branches
rattle with the twigs
forming graceful steps

as a catterpillar in a cocoon
clothed with anticipation
it's opening, a blast of colors

rays penetrate
sweat drifts the erected popsicles
over the field

ground yields smoke
drops rolled
under leaf, a frog shivers

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

First critique...
Simple poems...
I like simple poems...
Complicated words really bore the heck out of me...
Yes, your poems are simple, but very well thought out and delivered...
- ayachan -
oh, you know me...
you know me very well...